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Agreement Cnaps

kindly assist with the cnaps code for Bank of China in Jinzhou Branch please provide the cnaps for bank of china shenzhen branch Please provide cnaps code for Bank of China at Shandong, Weihai, Wenhua Xi Rd. Hello everyone, I would like to find an answer to my question, in fact, I just set up my own business in private security. Before the start of the creation, I had approached the Cnaps services to inform me that managers with a bachelor`s or master`s degree (whatever the specialty) could prove that they were fit to run a private security company (NATIONAL II level). You confirmed to me by phone that I had the right to have the CEO`s permission. Of course, once I founded the company, I filed an application unfortunately the response of the CNAPS to my application was a blow to me. In fact, they replied (I wrote in a letter what they wrote to me): the Level II diploma that was delivered does not reflect the knowledge of the administrative, accounting and general management rules of a company. knowing that there is no legislation justifying this decision….. My question is to show those who know more about this subject what I can justify myself on……. I am happy to read your answer. Kindly Please provide a cnaps code for: Industrial – Commercial Bank of China Henan Province branch If the Cnaps discovered that a company was not complying with the rules in force, why allow it to start all over again? This type of business (black work, bad work for employees, non-payment of wages …) is a scourge for our profession.

So big boss, or not, if they decide to close several of these companies, I would be very grateful! As a purely administrative manager and partner, the Cnaps agreement is mandatory??? Please provide cnaps code for INDUSTRIAL BANK OF KOREA (CHINA) LIMITED, Please provide cnaps code for HSBC Bank (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED, GUANGZHOU BRANCH I just experienced the rest of the episode, worrying in my career, I`m not controlled, but it would be time, it`s a scourge, too much abuse I have just 5 months vacation in theory guardians of the season? they are open in the year, so it is no longer seasonal under the collective cultural contract HORROR, so I had to a CDd for 1.5 months for visual check of the bags, to replace the temporary work that was covered by this organization that was covered by the collective safety agreement, I am authorized for filtration and palpation. It is not a security company, it is a private museum. So a guard contract that didn`t ask for permission for the Cnaps, but the extra check-in spot with the hand scanner, which, if in doubt, requires me to empty the bag or search, or touch the person in the back, for example, but this place is settled, so I refused after signing this damn contract for February. , but he lets me start high as expected, as much as they are friendly he wanted me to resign, so I negotiated it on the basis of the laws, even executive framework frames the search, which can be visually carried out by security agents who possess their card.