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Association Membership Agreement

b). Commitments. The PILA member must pay from time to time on the PILA website all dues and fees and fees set by the Board of Directors. The PILA member must designate a commercial, technical and billing contact for THE PILA administration and maintain these contact details. AEA members are open to people directly/indirect to do with the automotive industry. On the AEA (automotiveexecutives.com/membership) website, you will find current membership levels, qualifications, annual benefits and contributions and annual contributions and can be updated at any time by the AEA. c) Terms and conditions. The PILA member may, at any time, exercise any authority over the board of directors, individually or in conjunction with other members of the PILA, expressly granted by the statutes, as amended from time to time. The Committee has the power to amend the terms of this agreement by publishing amended versions that automatically follow previous versions and occasionally set or amend additional membership guidelines and procedures. The PILA member undertakes to regularly review the affiliation requirements at a given location on the PILA website to verify revisions and changes.

PILA will use its discretion to decide whether an amendment is essential and, if so, will communicate in writing to the PILA MEMBRE representative (above) substantial changes to the terms of membership by e-mail or postal mail. The continuation of the acceptance of all the conditions of affiliation is a condition to remain in the PILA. The shares after the end. At the end or end of its PILA membership, the PILA member is no longer required to file metadata with PILA or assign digital identities to his original works, and PILA is no longer required to register these digital identifiers. with respect to metadata and digital identifiers recorded prior to the termination or expiration of such metadata and digital identifiers: i) THE PILA has the right to retain, maintain and use these metadata and digital identifiers as part of the PILA system, including, but not exclusively, metadata deliveries in section 9 above, unless the terminating PILA member gives another one at the time of termination; and (ii) the PILA member`s obligations are maintained in accordance with Section 3, points b), (c) and (d).