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Competent Authority For Leave And License Agreement

„1. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act, the licensee who is in possession or occupancy of premises issued to him in possession of a residence permit hands over possession of these premises to the lessor after the expiry of the licence term; and if the taker does not fill the ownership of the licensed premises, a lessor has the right to recover possession of the premises from a licensee after the expiry of the licence period by an application to the competent authority, and the competent authority, convinced that the licence period has expired, makes a decision to expel a licensee. My license is not ready to evacuate the apartment, even after the termination of the contract, it was on heavy bail. She also has problems with neighbors N.C has also been reported against her entire building has filed a complaint against her.she does not pay maintenance and light bills to….-Do not leave my house, so that I need it for my own residents, what can I help please? Section 24 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act of 1999 is very important because it stipulates, after the expiry of the term or cancellation, whether the premises are not granted, then the licensee can allow the competent authority to restore possession of the licensed premises and can also obtain damages from the licensee. The five districts are at the bottom of the ped. division, namely Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur, Satara and Sangli. A licensee may submit to the competent authority an application which is signed and reviewed as if it were an action to recover the possession of the premises by the taker. This request to expel the licensee requires a stamp duty of the 200/2 rule. Any licensee who does not hand over ownership of the premises to the lessor after the expiry of the licence period and who, until the expropriation by the competent authority in possession of the premises granted, is required to pay twice the amount of the royalty or the royalty of the premises provided by the license agreement. A: Here are some of the differences between the lease and a license: A rental agreement is a transfer of an interest in a particular property, while the license is a simple permit to use the property, without a transfer of interest to the property being. The licensee acquires only a right to occupy the property and ownership and ownership remain the responsibility of the licensee. In the case of a lease agreement, the legitimate ownership of such a property is also considered to be transferred to the taker.

A licensee cannot under-concede the property to third parties. On the other hand, a tenant may sublet the property to third parties, unless the tenancy agreement expressly provides for something else. Leasing is an herealical right. A license is personal and exclusive to the licensee, i.e. with the death of the licensee, it is automatically terminated. For the holiday shop and the license given and registered and if the license does not return the property to expiry or does not plan to give or transfer the premises 1)The licensees take a month of termination to evacuate your premises according to the terms of your contract. A: A licensee has only the right to occupy and use the property as a simple licensee. A licensee cannot transfer his property to the property and does not own the property exclusively. The legitimate ownership of the building is considered to be that of the licensee. Whether the tenant is a judge or an ordinary citizen, one can only try by force.

However, the laws are so weak that no police powers will help. They call it a civil trial. The option is u hv to go to the competent authority of khada bandra in order to obtain an eviction notice. Here you will certainly get a decree in your favor for eviction,is it regularly paying the monthly rent (b) a written agreement of the license is conclusive proof of the fact that it contains. Section 24 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act of 1999 submits to the lessor the remedy to recover possession of premises issued in the event of leave and licence at the expiry of the certificate: 3. The competent authority cannot make any claim of any kind from another person who is not a licensee under the licensing agreement.