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Washington State Home Purchase Sale Agreement

While an in-depth discussion of the content of these forms goes beyond the scope of this article, a number of important points can be summarized here. First, the seller must indicate in each disclosure form whether he owns the property and whether the security is subject to adverse interest such as a pre-emption right, option, lease or living property. Interventions, border agreements and facilities must also be disclosed. (1) Real estate agents. The Washington statutes define the obligations of a real estate licensee to a buyer or seller. These statutory requirements of the Agency are defined in a brochure in the form prescribed under RCW 18.86.120. As in other jurisdictions, it can be problematic to have a real estate agent represent both buyer and seller and, in many cases, to constitute an insurmountable conflict of interest. Whether you want to buy a house with the help of a real estate agent or close the transaction yourself, we are here for you. We have helped hundreds of buyers navigate the buying process.

Tanks. If your package requires septic wastewater treatment on site, you may need a percolation test. If there are significant rock foothills or other obstacles to the provision of an underground sewage treatment system, especially for drainage fields (primary and safety fields), but also for pipes, significant additional costs can be determining your purchasing decision. It can help check with your potential neighbors for their experiences with their country. Oral presentations should be collected as a first step, but should never be the deciding factor in your purchase decision. (1) Funds earned. The Northwest Multiple Listing Service Form 21 (Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement) states in paragraph (b) that the buyer must: (i) deliver the serious money to the selling real estate agent within two days of mutual acceptance of the agreement, which will deposit each cheque with the sales company; or (ii) to provide, within three days of receipt or mutual acceptance of the agreement (depending on the subsequent duration), serious money that the final agent must hold. Statutes, rules and regulations. The applicable statutes and regulations of an owner or condominium are other documents that you may encounter.