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Food Service Agreement Sample

Considering that the customer wishes to hire the supplier as a food supplier to [Facility.Name] of the facility and that the provider is willing to provide such services, both parties agree with the conditions described above: we also offer a complete list of service contracts for service providers and recipients of each sector. Other names for this document: Food Service Agreement, Traiteing Contract I, – This model is an example of how you can include healthy choice guidelines in tenders, contracts and leases with food service providers. Change where it`s needed to meet your organization`s requirements. PandaTip: This model describes certain situations in which each party can terminate the restoration contract for this reason. By putting their electronic signatures below, both parties comply with the terms of this food contract and swear to respect and respect them. [Insert the name of the organization] implements Victorian government policies for healthy choices that qualify food and beverages as green (best choice), AMBER (choose carefully) or RED (limit) based on their nutritional value. This restoration contract must be renewed before the expiry date to ensure that the supplier continues to provide food services and staff at ease. If the contract is not renewed before the expiry, this may result in a loss of benefits. A food service contract is an agreement between a catering, catering or food service company and an association with mouths to feed. Regardless of which side of the agreement, a food service contract defines the terms of your relationship, the type of food provided and other details such as cleaning, storage and equipment. Create a free food service contract to meet your needs with our simple maintenance form. The supplier is solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licenses, authorizations and authorizations provided by law of a food service provider.