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Leave And License Agreement Doc

(5) It is also agreed that the licensee will temporarily occupy the aforementioned premises during the period of leave and licence and that he does not justify any rights, property and interest in these premises by subletting or by rent or by any other means. The licensee`s licence is a revocable, non-transferable licence that must be terminated at the expiry of an 11-month period, as stated above or above, subject to the terms of this contract. [After bye-law No. 45 (2) (I)] The Form of the Request for Omission, Omission and Licensee (8) It is agreed by both parties that, if one of the parties wishes to terminate the contract, one month is provided to give the other party in writing for that purpose. (9) This license agreement and the use of the licensed premises it authorizes are and must always comply with the provisions of Section 24, which are read and submitted to Chapter VII of the Maharashtra Rent (Control) Act, 2000, as amended, and this agreement is conclusive evidence of the facts mentioned here. The licensee has no right to challenge in any way the jurisdiction of the competent authority established under the previous law. The licensee hereby confirms that he is not entitled to protection under any of the provisions of the law and that he undertakes not to require protection in this agreement (notwithstanding a new amendment to the law, a change of law, a decree or a court order). (22) A double key is granted to the licensee for the licensed premises mentioned. The main key to these buildings and the premises granted still remain with the licensee. The licensee agrees that his employee cannot damage and/or damage the locks of the main buildings and the licensed premises.

I ask you to give the necessary permission to sublet the leave and the license to take basic care, the apartment- part of the apartment, to the person above, for a period of 11 months. In the event that I am required to extend the subletting period and justify the housing care base, I will apply for an extension of the period, well before the original deadline expires, with the appropriate justification for extending the period. (16) That the licensee agree to evacuate and return the aforementioned premises after or before the expiry of this agreement. If he/she is not evacuated and the licensee has the premises mentioned after the expiry of this agreement, he/she accepts the name of the person proposed to the apartment/part of the apartment to be sublet to hold a leave and a license, Mr.