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Rental Agreement For Jet Skis

If you call, make a reservation or use our Online Booking System Fareharbor, recognize and accept the following rental and waiver. All drivers and passengers must be present on our platforms to sign this waiver declaration. Lessor`s ability to provide a rental boat if contingent is reserved on and subject to the return of the unit by the previous LESSEE or any other cause outside the control of LESSOR. In case of breakdowns, breakdowns or defects after receiving the rental vehicle, LESSEE is immediately reported to LESSOR. CONTINUED USE OF IT SHALL BE ENTIRELY AT THE LESSEE`S RISK AND THUS LESSEE ASSUMES ALL LIABILITIES OF INJURY AND DAMAGE TO ALL PERSONS AND PROPERTY THAT MAY BECOME INVOLVED BY ITS CONTINUED USE. IT IS AGREED AND UNDERSEED THAT THE SSOR MUST NOT BE TENU FOR RESPONSABLE OF THE DOMMAGESS, OF the INCONVENIENCES OR OF THE TIME CAUSEd BY AN ACCIDENT, A PANNE OR A malfunction of the rental vehicle. LESSEE ENGAGE TO compensate and compensate the LESSOR for any right to the loss or damage of property or injury to persons (including death) resulting from the use, operation or possession of this rental vehicle. LESSEE also undertakes to keep the LESSOR unscathed in the event of loss or damage to any of the personal belongings of the LESSEE during the joint responsibility of the rental vehicle, including loss or damage due to fire, water, theft or any cause. In the event that LESSOR is to sue for damages for rental vehicles, losses suffered by damaged Serbs, LESSEE is liable for all legal/lawyer costs of LESSOR. Island Jet Ski Tours – Rentals will issue a credit for future rentals if damage or problems with the boats turn out to be the fault of Island Jet Ski Tours – Rentals. After a thorough examination of this vehicle by a representative of Island Jet Ski Tours – Rentals, LESSEE issues a credit voucher that can only be cashed for a future jet-ski rental of the island.

Iceland Jet Ski Tours – Rentals disclaims any responsibility or responsibility in case of problems related to height or altitude. LESSEE rents all trades at your own risk. All boats must be returned properly, or a cleaning fee of $150.00 is charged on bail. All boats and boats must be returned with the same quantity or quantity of gasoline as the island Jet Ski Tours – Rentals craft. A $20.00 service charge and a $6.00 per gallon charge are introduced to compensate for missing fuels or gasoline promises. All trades are carefully checked at the start and again to ensure optimal quality control. LESSEE is expressly committed to freeing and maintaining LESSOR from, against all losses, costs, damages, legal fees and/or liability related to the performance of the previous lease by LESSOR, including costs incurred in collecting or attempting to recover rent due and, in the event of a LESSOR appeal, to restore ownership of the leased property and/or enforce the terms, conditions and/or provisions of this leased object.